Cleaning Tips – Antique, Oil Rub, Verdi, and Rust Finishes

MakeItMetal is real metal and should be treated as such. As metal ages it naturally develops its own look. To avoid damaging the metal finish and to protect the natural beauty, please follow the Care and Cleaning Instructions carefully.

These finishes have patina applied to enhance the finish. Harsh cleaners such as Vim and other abrasive cleaners will damage the finish. Mineral oil is an oil based polish so a wax or oil based cleaner may be used to maintain the oil rubbed appearance and minimize spotting. 

To remove unwanted green (due to moisture) from antique and oil rub finishes use a small amount of non-abrasive metal polish with a soft cloth. To remove excess Verdi or to lighten oil rubbed and antique finishes extra fine steel wool along with a small amount of non-abrasive metal polish may do the trick.