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Profile: C.B. KAUPP & SONS, INC.
6 Newark Way
Maplewood, NJ  07040-3310 USA

Phone: (973)761-4000
Fax: (973)761-0253

Size of Facility (sq.ft):  25,000
Number of Employees:  23

Contact Information
Primary Contact:
Mr. Clement N. Kaupp Jr.


Phone: (973)761-4000
Fax: (973)761-0253
Secondary Contact:
Mr. William P. Kaupp


Phone: (973)761-4000
Fax: (973)761-0253
Company Information
Precision metal formed and machined parts fabricated from all metal alloys since 1924. Contract manufacturing--hydroforming, press work CNC, deep draw. Tool & die shop. Commercial, aerospace, defense. ISO 9002
Electronic Capabilities & Third Party Certifications
Electronic Capabilities:
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • E-Mail
Third Party Certifications:
  • ISO 9002/Q 9002
  • AS 9000
Primary Markets Served
  • Electronics
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
Metal Spinning

Maximum Blank Diameter:  Up to 24 inches
-- Does Not Have CNC Capability --

Type of Material & Maximum Thickness Spun:
Aluminum:  0.126 to 0.250 inches
Stainless:  Up to 0.125 inches
Red Metals:  Up to 0.125 inches
Steel:  Up to 0.125 inches
Nickel:  Up to 0.125 inches
Exotic Alloys:  Up to 0.125 inches

Other Capabilities:
  • Hydroforming
  • Deep Drawing

Maximum Blank Size:  18.1 to 30 inches
Type of Material & Maximum Thickness Formed:
Over 0.500 inches
Stainless:  0.101 to 0.250 inches
Red Metals:  Over 0.500 inches
Steel:  0.101 to 0.250 inches
Nickel:  0.101 to 0.250 inches
Exotic Alloys:  0.101 to 0.250 inches

Other Capabilities:
  • MetalSpinning
  • Deep Drawing


PMAPrecision Metalforming Association, 6363 Oak Tree Blvd., Independence, OH 44131-2500 
Phone: 216-901-8800 — Fax: 216-901-9190 
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